Training & Certifications

For more than 15 years in Philadelphia, Body Graphics has been the leader in Tattooing and Piercing. All of our artists at Body Graphics are trained in the use of universal precautions to prevent any possibilty of Blood Bourne Pathogens contamination. They are licensed, trained and certified by the Philadelphia Department of Health, and each studio is inspected and licensed annually. Single service of all needles or sharps, ink dispensers and all other products used is standard procedure. All materials are disposed of after each client and nothing is used twice. Autoclave sterilzation is done on site, with third party lab monitoring done on a regular basis. We take every necessary step to provide our clients with the highest standards in the industry and have the largest and most professional staff in the city.



  • All piercers are recognized by the APP and have been trained in Bloodborne Pathogens, as well as having their certifications and licenses for the state of NJ and PA.
  • Luis Garcia is presently an active Board Member for the APP